death in venice

Soft pastel colours, Victorian influences and feminine silhouettes are reminiscent of a day at the sea, while soft flowing silks, architectural raffia and intricate pleating are combined with hand embroidered gowns encrusted with 3D printed details, silver, gold and diamonds combined with plastic, wood, crystal and lace. Tailored suits, flowing gowns and outlandish embroideries deliver a vision which is both kitsch, dramatic and elegant with a definite ethereal beauty.

The show was a feast for the senses, with a dramatic and ethereal music score and the imposing setting of the Residence of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Paris providing the backdrop.

A story symbolizing the quest for perfection, and the restrictions this imposes on the seeker. But also the inscrutability of life, maturity, resignation, and finding this where you were not looking.

For the bespoke precious gold, silver and 3D printed pieces used in this collection, Edwin Oudshoorn approached House of Eléonore and suggested a collaboration. Working together with their creative director Ray Steele and goldsmith Digna Gorkovoi, Edwin has developed a series of elements which run through the collection.

Video: Frequin
Hair: Francis Schroembges
Make-up: Yokaw Pat
Location: Nederlandse Residentie in Parijs
With thanks to the Nederlandse Ambassadeur in Frankrijk, Monaco en Andorra, Parijs & LM Flower Fashion