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unique pieces made just for you


Creating a one of a kind gown takes time, craftsmanship and trust. The client has to trust the process and they have to be able to picture themselves in the finished look. Beginning with a blank canvas allows for strict attention to detail, and a collaboration between couturier and client. Each couture piece reflects an individual client, and individual question and an individual process.

first meeting

Design. Inspiration. Imagination.
Meet with Edwin, try on various pieces from our collections and discuss what you want from the piece you are going to create together.. 1-1, you will discuss and look at silhouette, design ideas and fabric choices. This is done by looking at the various shapes and silhouettes on your body and working out the most flattering for your curves. We will look at various collection pieces, ideas you may have and Edwin will makes some sketches based on all of these ideas. Once you have decided to move forward with the design process, we will work out a timetable for appointments and take your measurements.


A toile is a fitting gown/piece made in a simple cotton fabric, fitting to your silhouette. This is the first time you will see a 3D version of your design and we will be able to make adjustments to size and cut during this fitting. Our goal in this appointment is to finalise design ideas and to make decisions about fabrics, embellishments, and fit. We are then able to make a final pattern which we will use to cut your chosen fabrics.


Your gown is now constructed in your chosen base fabric. taking into consideration the rest of the elements of your design, Edwin will look at the tailoring of this base. We will make adjustments to the fit and will also reconfirm the further details and embellishments at this appointment.

second FITTING

Design components begin to come together, your couturier continues to reshape your gown perfecting the lines and fit on your body. Any additional design features may be implemented at this stage. (Sleeves, extra beading, belt, etc) Your gown now emulates a finished product. At this appointment you will need to have the shoes with you that you are intending to wear with your new couture piece. This allows us to look at the length of the hem line.


This is four weeks before pick-up. Any final elements will be discussed and decided, and we will be finalising your gown. Finishing touches such as a custom veil, hat or headpiece are constructed and pick up arrangements are made.


We aim to have your gown ready for pick-up approximately one to two weeks before your desired completion date.

Your couture gown is now completed!